Our Three Step Process to Renewing Your Shade Sail

Shade sails are a great way to provide shade and protect houses, cars and even people. They are easily installed and come in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and colors. However, since they are always exposed to outdoor elements, they might quickly lose their sheen.

If you are in Brisbane and need your shade sails repaired or cleaned, then you should get in touch with Sail Maker, a business selling high quality indoor and outdoor shade sails for both commercial and residential use.

Read below to know about their three-step process which helps to renew old shade sails:

  1. Shade Sail Cleaning– To clean a shade sail thoroughly, it must be detached from its fixing points, hung vertically and pressure washed in a proper method on both sides. The thread by this time has lost its strength and will flush out the sail.
  2. Clean and Green– We have a custom shade sail bay which flows into an industrial strength grease tap. The dirt and residue that accumulates from the sail shade washing are then meticulously unloaded by our waste contractor rather than flowing into the system and contaminating it. Instead of dumping old Shade Sails in landfills, we recycle and reuse old ones, protecting the environment and creating a positive environment.
  3. Restitch and Repair– Our qualified machinists then completely change the outlook of your old shade sail by restitching and repairing where necessary. The latest thread technology is so advanced that it can resist UV damage for up to 9 years.

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