Why Choose Shade Sails For Your Home?

Why Choose Shade Sails For Your Home?

Are you looking for a versatile shade solution to provide some respite from the harsh Australian sun? If yes, then Shade Sails are the way to go. Also called “Sun Sails”, shade sails come in various colours, sizes and materials. They are used to create a shaded outdoor space even in the peak summer and the hottest days. Not only are they affordable, but they are also a decorative option.

What is a Shade Sail?

Shade sails are patio, driveway, pools and playground covers made from durable fabric that provides some measure of reprieve from the hot blazing sun. They are an affordable alternative to hard structures. They come in many sizes, shapes and colours to fit any yard, pool, playground, or pergola. They are installed by affixing one corner of the fabric to the mounting point and then stretching it to opposite ends. It can be trees, pergolas, mounting posts or walls.

Why Should You Choose a Shade Sail for Your Home?

While there are multiple shade options for sun protection, the shade sail remains the most popular among homeowners. So much so that many are still investing in shade sails for their homes, schools and businesses. Here are some benefits of shade sails to help convince you.

Shade Sail Provides Sun Protection

While shade sails block between 90%-95% of the UV rays. The percentage may vary depending on the material, weight and colour. Ensure that your sail fabric is of a tighter weave and darker colour for maximum sun protection.

Shade Sail Provides Good Ventilation

Shade sails also allow good ventilation and airflow, especially if you have a hot and humid climate. They also prevent the sun from getting inside the home, thereby reducing the temperature of the covered area by at least 10 degrees. In addition, shade sails are made of breathable fabric and hence provides adequate ventilation.

Shade Sail Help Reduce Electricity Usage

Australian summers are not for the faint-hearted. You require air conditioning and other cooling systems to reduce the high temperatures, increasing electricity bills. Shade sails provide you with a one-stop solution by insulating the outdoor areas. With the right shade sail, you can save electricity and help the environment.

Shade Sails are Versatile

Shade sails are versatile and can be put up or removed as you wish. For example, you can put them up during the peak summers and take off to enjoy the night sky. You can also cover a portion of your backyard, playground, patio, or swimming pool.

Shade Sails Increase the Aesthetic Value of Your Home

Shade sails come in various shapes and colours to suit your outdoors. They can also be layered and adjusted to cast shade as the sun moves across the sky. When installed the right way, shade sails also act as a decorative element.


Whether you are looking for sun protection or home decor, shade sails provide the ideal versatile solution. Contact Sailmaker for all your Shade Sail needs.

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