Benefits of Having Custom Shade Sails Over Your Patio

Benefits of Having Custom Shade Sails Over Your Patio

Shade sails are beautiful and classy. They are not just beautiful but also highly functional and affordable. That’s the reason why we love to have shade sails over our patios. There are also many benefits to having these elegant shade sails installed on your patio.

1. Protect Your Family From Scorching Heat

Brisbane’s weather can shoot up to 45°C, making it inconvenient to enjoy outdoors in the Summer. Moreover, kids will miss the outdoor fun. A convenient solution is shade sails as they maintain the temperature by enabling a cool breeze to flow within.

Perfectly installed custom shade sails can lower the temperature as they reduce heat gain up to 77%. The shade sail fabrics do not trap the hot air beneath their surface. It provides shade to your patio and also the inside of your house by shading the house. You can cover your entire patio area or just shield your furniture area or your kid’s play area, which is entirely your choice.

2. Protect Your Family From UV Radiation

Most shade sails provide UV protection and keep your family safe from suburn and other harmful effects of UV radiation. However, not all fabrics are as effective as some quality shade sail fabric. High-quality shade sail fabric can block the harmful UV rays by 90% to 98%, making it an ideal choice for patios. These commercial grade shade sails are also available in different fabric choices and colours. It makes it easier for you to choose a perfect shade sail that compliments your patio but also protects you and your family by blocking the harmful UV radiation. Also, don’t worry about the size of your space as custom shade sails can cover any area and will let you relish your outdoor time in Brisbane.

3. Enhance the Look of Your Patio

Shade sails are the ideal way to enhance the look of your patios. They are colourful and eye-catching. By installing shade sails, you can turn an ordinary, dull-looking patio set up into a dreamy vacation spot instantly. They are not only relaxing but also will be an instant hit with your guests, friends, and neighbours. Custom shade sails add to the aesthetic value of your home. There is no patio too difficult to shade if you choose to install shade sails that are tailored as per your home’s exterior design and layout. As custom shade sails come in different colours, shapes, and sizes, you can tackle any awkward corner or space with mesmerising shade sail structures.

4. A Year-Round Protection

Shade sails provide excellent year-round protection, protecting your patio and outdoor spaces from sun and rain. If you do not know yet, there are water-resistant and waterproof shade sails that can protect your patio from rain. They also provide shade and protect you from heat and harmful sun radiation. Shade sails are more than just an aesthetic material.

Custom Shade Sails in Brisbane

Custom shade sails are inexpensive ways to protect and improve the value of your home. If you are looking for affordable and premium quality shade sails in Brisbane, fill out our contact form to let us know what you are looking for.


At Sailmaker, we guarantee the best designs, latest fabrics, stunning finishes, and high quality installations. With cutting edge technology, we bring any complex design to life that’s no lesser in terms of quality and durability.  If you think your patio needs a little sprucing up with elegant shade sails, we are more than happy to help you. Contact us now.

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