Why Shade Sails Over Decks Are a Winning Feature of Queensland Homes

There’s nothing quite like enjoying our beautiful Brisbane weather on your very own deck with a nice cold drink in hand. But our climate is one of the extremes and understandably, the sun can be a little intense for some! If you’re looking for the perfect balance between enjoying the outdoors on your deck whilst still having a comfortable amount of shade, then installing a shade sail over your deck is the perfect choice.

Shade sails are not only a practical way to provide shade and protect your deck from the elements such as the sun and rain (in the case of waterproof material), they are also extremely versatile when it comes to blending in with your décor. The great thing about shade sails is that you have the freedom to choose the perfect color and style of material to go with either your house paint or your outdoor furniture. By matching the color and design of your preexisting outdoor furniture fabric, you can completely transform and enhance your space!

You can also choose the way you want your shade sail fixed over your deck and whether you just want one or two layered over each other. It’s amazing how much shade sails change the whole look of your deck or outdoor area by adding dimension and intrigue.

It’s common for homeowners to add shade sails to their deck during renovations and upgrades; they can even add value to your home! If you are planning on selling, consider shade sails when looking for ways to improve your return on investment.

Sailmakers are the experts in all things shade sails. Contact our friendly and professional team today to find out how shade sails can improve the look and feel of your outdoor deck area.


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