Why Shade Sails Are the Ideal Solution For Playgrounds & Schools

Why Shade Sails Are the Ideal Solution For Playgrounds & Schools

The fact that Australians love the outdoors is quite well known. Parents encourage children to spend time outdoors enjoying nature. So, sun or rain, you can see children in parks and playgrounds throughout the year.

Australian children are at risk of overexposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays. Hence, most playgrounds and schools have some sort of shade to protect them. Shade sails provide an ideal solution for the shade structure. They bring down the temperature by as much as 10 degrees and help keep the equipment safe.

Here are some reasons why shade sails are an ideal solution for schools and playgrounds.

Shade Sails Offer Sun and UV Protection

Australians have the highest rate of skin cancer in the world. We must protect the children right from their young age since they use playgrounds when the UV radiation is at its peak.

Shade sail structures are an effective way to protect children from the sun’s harsh rays. They are made of tightly-woven unique fabrics that help block 90%-95% of the sun rays. That means children can stay outdoors while staying protected.

Shade Sails Allow the Children to Play for Longer Periods

Continuous sun exposure will overheat and exhaust kids while also causing sunburn. While some tired children tend to run back indoors looking for relief, others continue playing under the blistering sun.

By installing shade sails, the kids can play outside for more extended periods without getting exhausted. It provides a cool and shaded area for the kids to play. And you can extend the playtime without worrying about sunburns.

Shade Sails Offer Purpose-Built Design

Shade sails provide an ideal cover for outdoor play equipment. Unfortunately, most playground equipment doesn’t have adequate weather protection, resulting in faster deterioration.

Shade sails have many benefits ranging from minimal maintenance to economical and also cost-effective. They are custom designed based on the environment and are engineer designed to be strong yet lightweight.

Shade Sails Prevent Play Equipment from Getting Hot

Playground equipment left in the sun for too long can get unbearably hot, especially for small children. In addition, red hot playground equipment can cause injuries for children who touch them unwittingly.

Using shade sails to protect the playground will prevent the play equipment from getting hot and causing burns.

Shade Sails Prolong the Life of the Outdoor Play Equipment

Not only are the harsh sun rays harmful to the children, but they also damage the outdoor play equipment. Outdoor play equipment and furniture fade under the harsh UV rays. They warp and develop cracks quickly, making the kit look old and dated. The gaps can be a hazard for children, not to mention the expensive repair bill for the school.

You can avoid these and help prolong the life of the outdoor equipment by installing shade sails. The sails can block the UV radiation and prevent damaging the playground.

Shade Sails Provide All-Weather Protection

In addition to the sun, winter can also play havoc on the school’s playground equipment. Shade sails are generally not waterproof, but you can get waterproof fabrics for all-weather protection.

Waterproof shade sails offer protection from the sun, winds, rain, and even hail. That way, kids can have some outdoor time at schools regardless of the climate.

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