The Benefits Of Adding a Shade Sail Over Your Swimming Pool

The Benefits Of Adding a Shade Sail Over Your Swimming Pool

Summer calls for pools, especially in the beautiful Brisbane weather. Thanks to shade sail structures, you can protect yourself from the harsh Brisbane sun. Pool shade sails provide UV protection and non-stop summer entertainment.

In recent years, shade sails over swimming pools have become more than just a summer necessity. They are now an essential pool accessory for maintaining inground swimming pools all year long. There are more benefits beyond just sun protection when you professionally install shade sails over or around your swimming pools.

1. Superior Sun Protection
Swimming is a pleasure, but not sunstrokes, sunburns and everything that come with swimming in the hot sun. This becomes a major problem, especially in Brisbane’s peak summers when you want to swim the most to beat the heat. That’s why you need shade sail structures as they’re the perfect sunblock for swimming pools. A premium quality shade sail fabric can provide up to 99% protection from harmful UV radiation. Therefore, it makes it safe for you and your kids to relax in the pool all day long. Additionally, they also prevent water loss from evaporation in hot summers. So, you don’t have to top up your pool every other day.

2. Keeps the Pool Cooler
Installing a shade sail over your swimming pools will help maintain the temperature of the water and prevent overheating during peak summers. The ideal temperature for swimming pools is 25-29 degrees, and they shouldn’t exceed a maximum temperature of 29 degrees. When pool temperatures exceed this limit, there is a high chance that your swimming pool may become a breeding ground for bacteria and other microorganisms. Swimming in warm water may also cause body cramps and dehydration, especially if you like to swim for hours.

3. Keeps the Pool Clean
Dust, plant debris and bird droppings can be a problem for many pool owners. Even though you try to keep your swimming pool clean and tidy, it’s not always going to work. This can be particularly true of leaves and twigs that can collect in the pool without a shade sail. They not only contaminate the pool water but also look dirty. They can cause flow blockage if you don’t attend to them. You can avoid this by installing a pool shade sail structure that protects your pool from organic debris in all seasons. Hence, they reduce the time you spend cleaning your pool and extend the swimming time.

4. Adds an Artistic Flare
A swimming pool is undoubtedly the best addition to backyards. However, there is a difference between a swimming pool and an aesthetically pleasing swimming pool. A neat shade sail installation adds a stylish look to your outdoor space. Indeed, they are the best way to make your inground swimming pool look inviting, fashionable, and colourful.

5. Supreme Comfort
Adding shade sail structures also provides premium comfort to your outdoor spaces. You can customise and install them at any angle in and around your swimming pool according to your needs.
Are You Looking for a Professional Shade Sail Installation in Brisbane?

If yes, you are at the right place. Sailmaker’s affordable range of pool shade sails is made from premium quality fabrics that provide superior shade and weather protection. Contact us for high-quality pool shade structure customisations and installations for your swimming pool needs in Brisbane.

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