Why Shade Sails Are Essential Over Kids Playgrounds

Protecting children’s skin from the sun is a big responsibility for schools especially around playgrounds and general play areas. Ensuring there are trees and foliage to create natural shade is important but to really keep kids safe from harmful UV rays then shade sails are one of the best options.

UV Protection

At Shademaker we source some of the best brands of shade cloth for our shade sails and all of these provide between 90% -95% protection from UV rays. This is essential to protect children’s skin and also allows schools to follow the regulations of the Cancer Council.


It’s important for schools to have completely covered areas, like metal roofing, for students, not just for those hot days but also for those rainy days. These areas have their advantages but they don’t allow for the same ventilation you get from a shade sail. Metal roofing can trap the heat in and doesn’t allow for light to come through. With a shade sail, you have fresh air able to get through as well as some light without the harsh UV.

Cool temperature

As shade sails block out the harmful rays of the sun they also help to repel the heat that would otherwise be coming down on students in the playground and schoolyard. This causes the temperature under the shade sail to decrease which creates a more pleasant environment for kids on hot days.


Shade sails over playgrounds during the winter and colder days actually trap in warmth so it can be more comfortable for kids to play outside during these times. They also offer some protection from the wind which works to further keep the chill off children in the schoolyard.

Shademaker shade sails offer many benefits to students on the playground but with the brilliant color and design options, they’ll also improve the look and the feel of the school. Call us today.

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