Why Shade Sails Are a Great Option Over Carports

Why Shade Sails Are a Great Option Over Carports

Carports are a great alternative to expensive garages. However, even the construction of a carport can be costly and doesn’t have the same visual appeal of a driveway adorned with a shade sail. That’s the main reason why many homeowners prefer using carport shade sails. They are refreshing and can add significant value to your Brisbane home.

Benefits of Carport Shade Sails
Shade sails are certainly the best way to highlight the functionality and value of carports. They also add a splash of colour to monotonous carports, making it a visually appealing area. There are many benefits to installing trendy carport shade sails than metal or other types of carport covers.

1. Perfect Shade Solutions
When it comes to protecting your vehicles, whether it’s your car, caravan, bike, or bicycle, the first thing you want to do is park them in the shade. And carport shade sails hold a solid impression in providing a pleasant and shady parking environment. They reflect maximum heat, keeping it cool underneath. They can also be made to cover a wide area to offer a strikingly cool parking space even in peak summers. They protect your valuable vehicles from premature aging.

2. Significant Weather Protection
Exposure to extreme weather conditions will cause your vehicle’s paint to fade quickly. But parking your car or bike under a driveway shade sail changes this scenario. They provide exceptional weather protection as they are made from highly durable materials. They protect your vehicles from the damaging effects of harmful UV rays by blocking 90 to 95% of the sunlight. Carport shade sails also give year-round protection from other weather elements such as rain and hailstorms. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about bird droppings, dirt, and other organic debris.

4. Improved Aesthetics
A well-designed and installed driveway shade sail improves the front view of your home abundantly. Therefore, shade sails are the ideal option for homeowners who are extremely picky when it comes to the looks of their homes. No architectural design is impossible with shade sails – be it free-standing carports or cantilevered style. You can also have them attached directly from your entrance or garage if you like.

5. Endless Choices
One of the main benefits and attractive features of shade sails is choices. They come in a wide range of fabrics and colours. You can easily match the carport shade sail to the colour and style of your home. They can be cut to any shape or size to fit even the most complicated spaces. You can install them in different ways to make a statement in the front yard.

6. Long Life
Carport shade sails are easy to install and use. With professional designing and installation, you get a guarantee of unrivalled looks and comfort. Apart from being an inexpensive and alternative solution to expensive garages or carport structures, one of the main benefits of carport shade sails is their attractive life span. With Sailmaker, you can have them repaired and maintained to prolong the life of your shade sail even further.

Driveway Shade Sails in Brisbane
It’s no doubt that shade sails are functional, practical, and beautiful. However, its true beauty lies in expert design and installation. Most importantly, in a design that complements the look of your home. Don’t settle for cheap or do it yourself carport covers. Feel free to reach out and discuss your needs with our Sailmaker team to install a stunning carport shade sail that gets your neighbours talking in Brisbane.

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