What are the Main Factors that Cause Damage to Shade Sails

Quality shade sails are designed to be sturdy and robust and to protect you from the sun and from harmful UV rays. They are however, still resistant to wear and tear, the sun and the weather. Main factors that cause damage to shade sails Brisbane regions are:

  • Heavy Rain

Heavy rain can pool in the middle of the shade sail causing it to dip and weaken.

  • Storms Commonly Affect Shade Sails Brisbane Areas

Storms and fierce winds can easily cause rips, tears and major damage to shade sails.

Any minor damage that is not repaired can quickly lead to major damage in a storm.

  • Incorrect Tensioning

Incorrect tensioning of your sail will cause it to dip and weaken.

  • UV Damage to the Thread of the Sail

Although the fabric of the shade sail is generally UV resistant, the thread is less so. After several years the thread of the sail will become weakened by the sun and your shade sail will need restitching.

  • Failure to Maintain and Clean Your Shade Sail

Your shade sail must be regularly cleaned and maintained in order to keep it looking good and to eliminate dirt, road grime and mildew.

  • Incorrect Fixture to a Point

If your shade sail is not correctly fixed it may become damaged. It will also be more affected by winds, incorrect tensioning and harsh weather.

  • Incorrect Slope Causing Water to Pool in the Middle

If the slope on your shade sail is not correct water will pool in the middle of the sail, causing mildew to form. It will also weaken the shade sail.

  • Rust Can Damage the Anchor Points

After rain, rust can occur at the anchor points if the shade sail is not wiped down.

Often damage to shade sails can be remedied with a professional clean and restitch. We can have them looking as good as new in next to no time! For repair and supply of shade sails Brisbane area contact us.

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