Four Reasons Why You Need a Shade Sail Over Your Pool

Having a pool is great fun for the whole family and it’s a great way to entertain friends. Coming into summer you’ll no doubt be getting out into your pool even more. There is a way to enjoy your pool area even more and that’s by installing a Shademakershade sail. Here’s a few reasons why a shade sail could be great for your pool.

Keep debris out

Arguably the most frustrating part of owning a pool is keeping it clean. Trees, plants and bushes near and around your pool will cause debris to get into the water and that can end up in your filter system. Shade sails over and/or around your pool and decking area does a great job of collecting the debris so it doesn’t become a problem for your pool.

Offers You Some Shade

Australian summer days can get very hot and, although cooling off in your pool helps relieve the heat, you still get that harsh sun coming down on you. By having shade sails installed over your pool it provides you with a shady place to swim and relax by the pool. The best part about a shade sail is you can have them completely custom designed for your pool and it won’t feel overbearing, so you’re still able to feel like you’re completely outdoors.

Blocks out UV Rays

The most important aspect of having a Shademaker shade sail over your pool and outdoor areas is that all our shade sails will block out the UV rays by 90 – 95%. Australia has one of the highest rates of skin cancer and it’s absolutely essential to protect your family’s skin from the harsh Australian sun. With a shade sail, you know you and your family have that protection.

If you’re thinking about getting a shade sail for your pool or outdoor area then contact Shademaker. We have a range of high-quality sails from the leading brands and we’ll design, measure, and install your shade sail. Call us today!

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