4 Types of Outdoor Shade Sails – Which One Is Perfect for You?

4 Types of Outdoor Shade Sails – Which One Is Perfect for You?

Shade sails are the perfect options to make any outdoor space look stunning with minimum investment. Apart from providing shade, they also add beauty and value to the property. When it comes to outdoor shade sails, there are tons of different shade sails available in the market today. They come in various colours, patterns, designs and materials. Depending upon the purpose, style, and material, we’ll talk about five types of outdoor shade sails to help you choose the perfect one for your home.

1. Fixed Shade Sails

Just as the name suggests, fixed shade sails are prominent structures that are more resistant to movement. These are the most common types of shade sails that you can see in many homes. You can customise them to any shape and colour. Fixed shade sails are made from multiple layers of shade cloth fabrics that are stitched together to create the desired shape and strength. For additional support, their edges are inserted with stainless steel wire. The main advantage of fixed shade sails is that they can span over wide distances without mid supports. They are excellent options for driveways or car parking because of their strength.

2. Garden Shade Sails

The second most popular type of outdoor shade sails is garden shade sails. Most garden shade sail fabrics effectively block UV radiation. They protect your plants or vegetation by lowering the temperature and blocking the sun’s harmful rays. Not to mention, they also provide great shades and stunning looks to the garden landscape. There are also many cheap garden shade sails available in the market which don’t serve the purpose well. So, when choosing fabrics for garden shade sails, make sure to select the ones with the highest UV protection.

3. Waterproof Shade Sails

Waterproof shade sails are excellent outdoor shade sail options. They not only protect your outdoors from rain, keeping them dry but also protect outdoors from the sun. Fabrics can be waterproof which are 100% waterproof and keep your outdoors dry even during heavy downpours. They are also available in various colours and have good tensile strength, giving long life to the shade sails.

4. Shade Sails Attached To Your House

Shade sails attached to your house or shed structures is another cost-effective and popular outdoor shade sail option for homeowners who want a minimum shade area in front of their house, as a carport or in the backyard. You can also use waterproof shade sails to be attached at the front or side of your home for keeping the area dry during rain. However, one main drawback is you cannot use them to cover large areas. This is because when you attach shade sails without post structures, they will lack in dynamics. However, they are great shading options for smaller spaces.

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